Eligibility: 8 - 15 years old


Number of Sessions: 16


Time per session: 1 hour


Cost: $160 

Students per batch: 7-8


Additional Information: Students are placed into different batches on the basis of their age. Based on the proficiency and skill level of the child, the lessons will be personalized and made more/less challenging given the individual circumstances of each student.


Parents will be regularly updated about the course and homework that their students are engaged in. They will also be given regular updates on their child's progress and performance. 


Parents are also allowed to attend the final class (Class 16 - The Next Chapter in the Book) wherein they can ask questions regarding publishing as well as how to maximize their child's exposure to writing from me directly.


Along with the general coursework through each session, the participants will receive book and poetry recommendations, notes, as well as extra resources they can refer to later to improve their writing further. 

Alekhya Bhat
Detailed Course Outline:


  • Written five novels and published two - “Six Bullets” and “Warped” - both sold internationally. Warped is a 372 page fantasy/mystery children and young adult novel. Six Bullets is a 68 page crime/thriller novel on gun violence written in a split narrative.

  • Crafted numerous works of poetry since the age of 8.

  • Won first place in Writing and the “School Top Scholar” awards at the World Scholar’s Cup at Yale University out of over 3000 students and first place in Debate at her school level.

  • Founder of No More Bully-Mia - an organization aimed at ending bullying and body dysmorphia.

  • Won the first place award in a short story contest from Harper Collins India.

  • Wrote an internationally read novel on the popular online site Wattpad with over 120,000 reads.

  • Interned at Intuit and wrote an 6,000 word research paper on public perspective through aided and unaided brand-awareness.

  • Attended “Newsroom by the Bay” - a summer course for writing and journalism at Stanford University, and created a website called "Backchannel," wrote articles, produced videos, interviewed people at the "Women's Building," and participated in the "Trace.".

  • Is a freshman at Wellesley College for English and International Relations.

  • Won first place in several slam poetry competitions both at a school and inter-school level.

  • Was a mentor at the Indian Academy for Public Speaking.

  • Wrote a research paper in the International Baccalaureate Program in English Literature and received the highest grade possible.

  • Chaired and organized over 5 Model United Nations Conferences as well as having won numerous awards internationally and nationally.

  • Has been featured in podcasts, magazines, and other platforms across the world.

  • Spear-heading her school's Peer Mentorship Program, Peer2Peer, to help acclimatize students in their academic and collegiate pursuits.

  • Works as a student journalist at both iGeneration Youth and Global Student Square.

  • Wrote the “rap” for one of the biggest musicals in Bangalore - We are the World - the Michael Jackson Musical by Imbroglio Productions.