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Eligibility: 8 +

Number of sessions: 15 ​

Time per session: 1 hour​

Cost: $300 

Students per batch: 5-6

Additional Information: Students are placed into different batches on the basis of their age. Based on the proficiency and skill level of the child, the lessons will be personalized and made more/less challenging given the individual circumstances of each student. Parents will be informed about the homework given, what was done in class and they will be updated regarding their child’s progress.

Along with the general coursework, the participants will receive a detailed compilation of notes from each class and extra resources that they can refer to even after this course. I aim to help the participants understand that public speaking is not just something to do but rather is a way of life. 

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Ananyaa Gupta
Detailed Course Outline:


  • Won multiple awards for debates and creative writing at Yale University

  • Won awards at the Worlds Scholars Cup, Greece (a competition with over 3,000 teams) for creative writing and debate

  • Emceed multiple events throughout my school career

  • Attended and won awards at multiple MUNs across India

  • Chaired and organised multiple MUNs 

  • Member of the UNMGCY (United Nations Major Group for Children and Youth)

  • Participated in a major theatre production called ‘The Pied Piper’ in Bangalore. 

  • Anchored and wrote material for a leading, multicultural news program focused on children called IGRAASP

  • Created and executed workshops on the importance of recycling and sustainable development for underprivileged children through an NGO called Kora Kagaz.

  • Participated and won awards in various public speaking competitions like JAM, poem recitation, storytelling and more on a school and inter school level throughout my school career

  • Taught English as a second language to many underprivileged

  • Founder and CEO of The Tastic Series

  • IB Student with English at the Higher Level with a high achieved grade

"Talktastic worked wonders for my daughter Rishima. She is a smart girl but when it comes to talking in front of a crowd she suddenly becomes tongue tied & anxious. Ananyaa helped her get over her nervousness & improved her articulation skills by leaps & bounds. Now Rishima can research on a topic, write on it & give her presentation in front of a crowd. Thank you so much Ananyaa & Talktastic for bringing that kind of confidence in her. I highly recommend them if your kids are facing the same issue."

- Richa (Mom)

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