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Eligibility: 5+

Number of Sessions: 15

Time per session: 1 hour

Cost: $300

Students per batch: Individual classes as this is a one on one course

Additional Information: Students are placed into different batches on the basis of their age. Based on the proficiency and skill level of the child, the lessons will be personalized and made more/less challenging given the individual circumstances of each student.Parents will be kept in the loop regarding any coursework or assignments given. Each child will receive in-depth feedback to ensure maximum improvement. 

Siddharth T Portrait.jpeg
Siddharth Tripurani
Detailed Course Outline:


  • Grade 8 pianist

  • Been learning for 11 years

  • Teaching for the last 1 year - Beginner to Intermediate

  • Certified Performer - Recitals and Fundraisers

  • Student Representative for the music program at CHIREC International School

  • Acoustic and Theory Trinity Examinations Distinction

  • Pianist and composer for the local band 'Turning Point'

  • Attended symposiums and HCU exploring Music, Cognition and Acoustics with Prof. Petri Toiviainen

  • Participated in the research program for Flexible Electronics (Music) for Rigid World with Prof. Aftab M. Hussain at IIITH

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