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Eligibility: 7+ 

Number of Sessions: 15

Time per session: 1 hour


Cost: $150 

Students per batch: 5-6


1.  Shading pencils: 2B, 3B, 4B, and 6B

2.  Paints: Acrylics 

3.  Canvas sheets- minimum 6

4.  Colour pencils

5.   Sketchbook 

(Parents can contact the Tastic team for a detailed list of brands based on their location for convenience!)

Additional Information: Students are placed into different batches on the basis of their age. Based on the proficiency and skill level of the child, the lessons will be personalized and made more/less challenging given the individual circumstances of each student.

Parents will regularly be updated regarding their child's progress, any homework given, and coursework.  Students will also receive a pdf copy of any required class notes. Students who plan to apply to an art college can contact me anytime during the course for a critique session and tips to improve their portfolio. 

Sahana Vathsa
Detailed Course Outline:


  • Currently a freshman at the Rhode Island School of Design, where she plans to pursue a career in animation. 

  • Received a large scholarship to attend RISD

  • Illustrated book covers for 'The Russian Doll Experiment' and 'Six Bullets.'

  • Published and illustrated a satire-based poetry collection, ‘A Commentary on The Desi Condition’ 

  • Currently graphic designing two apps for the organizations- NoMoreBully-Mia and My OCD Fighter. 

  • Worked with multiple government schools to spread her love for art to underprivileged kids

  • Was the Head of Design and Marketing for the biggest Model United Nations Conference in Bangalore, India in 2019

  • Worked with the pre-production team at Zebu Films, an animation company based in India where she developed her own show which she later pitched

  • Region 2 finalists of the Wharton investment competition (Stock market simulation). Designed the company logo, all documents, and presentations. Incorporated design into her role as the chief of marketing. 

  • Received the highest grade possible for a research paper in the International Baccalaureate in Visual Arts. 

  • Headed the design, photography, and videography departments for a student-led charitable fest, Ignite

  • Head of Graphic Design for NoMoreBully-Mia

  • Painted and designed a nursery at Sai Gurukul, a government school. 

  • Currently a part of her school's Peer Mentorship Program, Peer2Peer, specifically to help students put together a college level portfolio

Some of Sahana's Recent Works
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