Eligibility: 10+

Number of Sessions: 12

Time per session: 1 hour

Cost: $120

Students per batch: 3-5

Additional Information: This course teaches students how to write melody lines and chord progressions using Ableton. It is personalized for you- If you already know your scales, let's skip it and jump directly into programming on Ableton! If you want to edit vocals as well, we can help you there! Regardless of your background in music, this course is the perfect way to start your journey in music production. You will learn tricks and tips on not only how to write your own music but also how to use Ableton. At the end of each class, you will get a handout that covers all the techniques you learned in the class. Click register and we’ll see you soon!

Rishi Gupta
Detailed Course Outline:


  • Grade 6 rockschool guitarist 

  • Learned Music theory for 3 years

  • Performed at the Indigo Bar, TAAQ’s Annual Showcase (two times)

  • Performed in two musical productions - One on the guitar, One on the Saxophone 

  • Co-Composed the music for one of the musical productions

  • Can play 10 different instruments including Guitar, Saxophone, Piano, Harmonica and Violin, at a performance level.

  • Started an EDM band - The Scope

  • Have a working knowledge of Ableton - Use it to compose my music.

  • Math and Athletics teachers at an organisation for underprivileged students.

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