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Check out our exclusive collaboration with Gillian Lana!

We are happy to announce the launch of The Tastic Series Career Edition wherein we have collaborated with an interview and Resume specialist, Gillian Lana to help you get your dream job or get into your dream college!

  About the Founder 

I started taking "Talktastic" courses on a whim - public speaking classes for students aged five and above. Noting the students' immediate positive responses, I recognized their quick improvement directly correlated to my highly personalized and interactive sessions. It dawned upon me how important it was for children to learn various life skills of the 21st century that exist beyond the classroom sphere. I then assembled a team of passionate college students to help teach courses based on their proclivities. The amalgamation of our desire to share our knowledge with students gave birth to The Tastic Series.

-Ananyaa Gupta 

Founder  and CEO

What is The Tastic Series?

We offer a collection of 4 curated courses.

All courses are taken by highly qualified teachers with years of experience in their respective fields and working with children.

All courses are highly interactive and personalised to make sure that your child can make the most of each class.

Personalised notes are given after every session so that children can make the most of each session and gain knowledge that will last them a lifetime.

Our Vision

To create a platform where highly qualified teachers from across the world impart their specialized knowledge to children in an interactive and enjoyable way to help aid them in their holistic development.

Buy courses worth $750 and attend a workshop for free!

We offer carious courses throughout the month relating to Music, Art, Public SpeakingEntrepreneurship, Writing, MUNs, and many more. These courses are held over the weekend and we release a new one every month! Keep a look out for our new workshops!

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